Metal Building Panels


Providing both appealing aesthetics and unparalleled durability, metal has long served as the preferred roofing and siding material for architects and commercial property owners

Design & Size

We provide Image II custom cut to the inch per specifications. Any length is available from 3’ up to 45’. Image II’s design features 1” high snap-lock style ribs, spaced 16” on center. 12” wide panels are available at some locations. Thickness options include 26 and 24 gauge.

Diagram labeled "Panels" with drawings showing widths and lengths of panels
Screenshot of black text on white background reading "Trim: 26 gauge, standard and custom trims available in lengths up to 21'."

Purlin/Structural Steel

Metal roof purlins are most commonly used in Metal Building Systems, where Z-shapes are utilized in a manner that allows flexural continuity between spans.
Purlin color swatch

Design & Size

Available in 12g (up to 21”), 14g (up to 24”) and 16g (up to 16”) in red oxide, grey and galvanized.

* Standard and custom purlin punching available


Available colors vary by branch and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions. Panels carry UL2218 Certification for Impact Resistance.

Actual samples are available on request.

Polar white color swatch
Polar White
Light stone color swatch
Light Stone
Tan color swatch
Desert sand color swatch
Desert Sand
Taupe color swatch
Ash Grey color swatch
Ash Grey
Charcoal grey color swatch
Charcoal Grey
Black color swatch
Hawaiian Blue color swatch
Hawaiian Blue
Gallery Blue color swatch
Gallery Blue
Rustic Red color swatch
Rustic Red
Crimson Red color swatch
Crimson Red
Colony Green color swatch
Colony Green
Hunter green color swatch
Hunter Green
Fern green color swatch
Fern Green
Copper metallic color swatch
Copper Metallic
Burgundy color swatch
Koko brown color swatch
Koko Brown
Burnished slate color swatch
Burnished Slate
Galvalume color swatch